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Our Fleet
Tailored to you

All vehicles in our fleet are maintained in top condition by the company and drivers. They are washed and vacuumed at least once a day, frequently more. When you enter one of our vehicles you are assured of a clean comfortable environment. Regular inspections and servicing, together with our program of fleet renewal, ensure that you are provided with a mechanically sound vehicle, ensuring both your safety and the finest outlook for an uneventful journey.

Standard Sedan
Typical Mercedes E, BMW 5, Chrysler 300 or Volvo S80

Standard Sedans are the workhorses of the fleet, all fitted with free Wi-Fi and credit card facilities. But they still provide more than adequate accommodation for every day business needs and a solid level of comfort for 2 passengers. Although our cars are all licensed to carry 4 passengers, we do not recommend more than 3 passengers without luggage and two with luggage in order to optimise comfort levels. Luggage capacity is 2 Large plus 2 carry-on pieces, or 3 medium suitcases.

x2 x2 x2 x2
Typical Chrysler Grand Voyager, SsangYong Rodius

MPVs form an important integral part of our fleet and enhances our ability to deliver a bespoke service from client to client. They are ideal to convey 3 to six passengers including their luggage. They are roomy, comfortable and safe. Some vehicles can quickly and easily be converted to conference seating to allow our business passengers to confer and work comfortably while being whisked along to their destination. Like all our vehicles they are equipped with ample power points for laptops as well as free Wi-Fi Connectivity for up to four devices at any one time. Whether our clients require multiple passenger conveyance on an ad hoc basis or a regular shuttle run to business premises, we have the ability to deliver in comfort and style.

x6 x4 x4 x2