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Eagle Waiting Time Policy

It is inevitable with often recurring congestion at airports that there will be unavoidable delays from time to time. We keep a close watch on live reports of expected arrival and departure times of flights to and from our airports. In addition, we know that some executives wish to take a shower or freshen up before leaving the airport directly into a meeting. We ask that a booker advises us of this at the time of making the booking, thus allowing us to calculate a longer time after arrival of the flight to expect the passenger. All of these measures assist us to time the despatch of our vehicles so as to minimise expected waiting periods.

Nevertheless, despite the above measures and in conformity with general practice we do charge for extended time spent on waiting for passengers. We have found that on average passengers arrive within 30 minutes of the time we schedule cars to arrive at airports or other pick-up points. Consequently, our standard practise is not to charge for waiting time during the first 30 minutes after the expected time of arrival. Thereafter we charge a low standard fee per 30 minutes or part thereof.

Since we offer a bespoke service to corporate clients the above policy can be adjusted to suit the needs of a particular client.