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Why Choose Eagle

We are dedicated to the idea of tailoring our service to the needs of our customers. We don't believe that one size fits all. But a number of elements are the essentials of a top clas service, however and to whoever it is tailored:

A Bespoke Service
  • As a strictly business to business undertaking, we tailormake our contracts to suit the specific needs of each of our clients and price it competitively
  • We put together a package of services with a selection of vehicles appropriate to the requirements of a client, including the vehicle preferences and profiles of the intended users
  • Our charges reflect the bespoke nature of our business and take into account the totality of the client's tailored package, such as the nature of the vehicles, the distances involved and the expected volumes
  • Our agreed rates are fixed; they never vary according to the time taken on any particular journey
  • We try to keep the need to charge extras down and allow ample free waiting time at airports, ports and stations. Our terms can be negotiated with each client individually
Peace of Mind
  • Our drivers are in constant but unobtrusive communication with our control room, so whatever happens on the road, everybody is always apprised of the situation
  • Our vehicles comply at all times with the highest safety standards
  • The health and safety of our drivers is always a priority. Since we keep careful record of the hours our drivers spend driving and their resting times, they are never overtaxed in a bid to maximise earnings
  • We've looked after all aspects that guarantee you a safe and comfortable journey. So you can just relax and enjoy the ride
  • We have a proud record of excellent time keeping. We are rather early than late and we leave adequate leeway to minimise the need to charge for waiting time
  • Due to the training and professionalism of our drivers there won't be any avoidable stoppages or delays along the way and if there are snarl ups, our drivers will usually find their way around them
  • All our vehicles are late models and well maintained. We don't expect or tolerate breakdowns, but should anyhing untoward happen, our experienced and well trained controllers will speedily make other arrangements and still get you to your destination on time
Style, Status and Comfort
  • As an executive service the elements of style, status and comfort are the basics of our service
  • Since we are a business to business operation you will find that whichever vehicle you choose, you will be treated to a perfectly appointed and luxurious business friendly environment
  • For the convenience of our busy business executives, every vehicle in our fleet is equipped with Wi-Fi. This allows up to four laptops to connect to our fast broadband service at any one time - free of charge
  • Our fleet's diversity allows you to choose the most appropriate vehicle and price to suit the profile of the specific traveller/s to be conveyed

Nobody puts together all these elements quite as we do. Fly with the Wi-Fi Eagle to get the real experience!